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Our Mission Statement

Downstate Adult Health is a Nurse Practitioner owned and operated clinic located in Port Jervis, New York, specializing in wellness and health promotion services.
We are devoted to care centered around relationships with our patients. We are here to help those desiring wellness services, hormone optimization, and weight loss management.

Our Vision

The idea to create this practice was born out of my own lived frustration at the limitations of the conventional medicine/managed healthcare model. In all stages of my life, I have been offered anxiolytics and/or antidepressants for symptoms I was experiencing due to autoimmune issues. Again and again, I was told to believe in the same flawed narrative: “you’re a new mom- aches and pains are normal”; “you’re perimenopausal – this is your new normal”; “just deal with it– antidepressants can help.” The “drive thru” model of 3-5 minute visits with my healthcare providers often left me feeling unheard, unseen, and unhelped.

I knew I wasn’t the only one- many people have similar experiences with an uninspired and impersonal healthcare system.

I am here to give all my patients the opportunity to be seen, heard, educated, and inspired. I strive to ensure that my patients are uplifted and empowered to achieve their goals.

What We Do Services We Offer

Our services give patients the opportunity to receive a real, personal, and inspiring healthcare system for them to be uplifted and empowered to achieve their goals.

  • Medical Weight Loss

    Transform your body and life. Try our medical weight loss program today.

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  • Intravenous Infusion and Injection Therapies

    Discover the many benefits of intravenous infusion and take control of your health.

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